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What do I need to play broomball?

Shoes >> learn more
Beginners should wear flat-soled gym shoes. The CBA has a limited number of broomball shoes available.
Note - If you want to become a "competitive" player, broomball shoes are a must!
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This sport isn't played with actual brooms anymore. The CBA has "brooms" for new players. As you grow into the sport, you might consider purchasing a lightweight aluminum broom.
The Ball
A broomball is a grape-fruit sized inflated rubber ball.  The CBA uses indoor-style balls which have a smooth surface and weigh about 1 pound. (see pic at right).  The CBA will provide the game ball, but you must practice with your own ball.
The Goal
A broomball goal is 6' tall by 8' wide, which is much larger than a hockey goal at 4' x 6'.

Protective Equipment

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You must wear a helmet.  The CBA provides helmets (approximately 22 available first-come first-serve) for use by beginners.  If you plan to continue playing broomball, please purchase your own helmet.  It is highly recommended your helmet be equipped with a face shield.  Hockey or lacrosse helmets work the best.
Not required, but highly recommended.  At a minimum, you should bring a pair of leather-palmed gloves or brick-layer gloves, as the broom can slip from your hands otherwise, plus it's pretty cold on the ice.  Certain hockey or lacrosse gloves work well, and special gloves made for broomball are also available.
Shin Guards & Knee Pads
Not required, but highly recommended.  Basic soccer shin-guards and in-line skating kneepads work well.  Some players wear combination shin & kneepads like those used by hockey players or baseball catchers. 
Goalies wear everything above, except they may wear a normal glove plus a blocker.  Further, a broomball goalie MAY NOT wear the full-size leg blockers.  (see picture at right)
Some players pt to wear additional protection such as padded pants, elbow guards, chest protector, and an athletic supporter.

How to purchase broomball gear?

The CBA routinely offers discounted group equipment purchases, normally just before the start of a major season.  Please contact us for more information.

If you simply cannot wait, visit www.broomball.com or www.midwestbroomball.com for a complete line of equipment.  Alternatively, you may find deals on eBay.

Official indoor style ball:

Goalie Setup: