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Broomball Shoes

These are a HUGE advantage!

A broomball shoe is similar to a high-top basketball shoe, with extra padding to protect your foot.  The main difference is the sole, which is made out of a thick foam / neoprene type material.  When stepping on ice, the sole spreads out to create friction.  A player with these shoes will be able to plant their feet, cut, and run far better than a player in street shoes.

There are two types of broomball soles: Outdoor & Indoor
Outdoor soles are designed to collect "snow" or ice shavings in the "cups" - when playing on a snowy ice surface.  Indoor Sole are meant for clean playing surfaces, where there is very little snow on the ice.  See the pictures to the right.

The CBA plays indoors, but either type of shoe works well.  However, if you ever expect to play on Fountain Square or an actual frozen pond, you might consider purchasing the Outdoor style just in case.

Outdoor sole - "cups" designed to collect snow

Indoor sole - no cups, increased traction on "clean" ice