About the CBA

The Cincinnati Broomball Association (CBA) is a non-profit organization created in 1992 to organize, promote and grow the sport of Broomball in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Our mission is to provide a social environment that embodies good sportsmanship, health & fitness while representing Cincinnati nationally and internationally. The CBA is a regional member of USA Broomball and the International Federation of Broomball Associations.

The CBA offers leagues for both novice and experienced players.  As a result of our strong local following, we routinely send competitive teams to tournaments all across the United States.

Where does the CBA play?
The CBA plays at Sports Plus. Visit our League Info page for more details.

Other Broomball leagues
Our mission is to grow broomball, so we encourage people not only to play in our leagues, but also in other leagues to which they have access.  Therefore, please visit our "Links" page to learn about other leagues in or near Greater Cincinnati, or even to search for a league elsewhere (such as if you're moving out of town or going to college).  If you can't find what you're looking for, please email the CBA and we'll try to help.
Ice time is more expensive in Cincinnati compared to many northern regions of the country.  Also, most people in Greater Cincinnati have never played broomball, so do not have the necessary equipment, thus the CBA maintains enough equipment to allow a team of beginners to try the sport without having to make a large investment in equipment.  Finally, there are one or two paid referees per game.  These costs make broomball more expensive than many other sports.  However, unlike most other sports leagues, the CBA does not seek a profit; our objective is to keep costs at a minimum and grow the sport.  CBA leadership participates strictly on a volunteer basis.

Fund Raisers & Social Activities
The CBA will occasionally organize events other than leauges, such as intermission broomball at Cylcones Hockey games or finish-line security at the Flying Pig Marathon.  These events help raise money to support our leagues, such as partly covering the cost of equipment maintenance, as well as help promote & advertise broomball.  We also host "end of season" picnics and other social events for our members.

The CBA routinely fields teams for tournaments held all over the United States and sometimes in Canada.  We have sent teams to the U.S. Nationals, World Championships, and many other national and regional tournaments.  We have also been the traditional host of Broomfest.

For more info, please contact us.

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CBA Leadership participates on a 100% volunteer basis. If you are interested in joining the leadership team, please let us know.

General Questions/Media Requests - Scott Kerth

Treasurer - Samantha Ducheny

Head Referee - Kyle Hodge

Equipment & Events Manager - Greg Bratfish

Scheduling, Tournament & Website Managers -