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This page might contain one of the most comprehensive lists of USA broomball links ever assembled, plus we have some international sites listed near the bottom.  If you know of another link that could add, let us know.


www.ice.muohio.edu (call 513-529-9800 for Miami University's Goggin Ice Center Pro Shop)

Used helmets, pads, etc.:
Note: Also check eBay, craigslist, etc.

Greater Cincinnati Leagues and others within a reasonable driving distance:

www.daytonbroomball.org (Dayton / Dayton Broomball Association)
www.myfountainsquare.com/broomball (Cincinnati / Fountain Square Broomball League)
www.mobl-broomball.net (Kettering / Midwest Ohio Broomball League)
http://ihwinterclub.com/Broomball.htm (Camp Dennison / Indian Hill Winter Club)
www.gogginzone.com/ice/home.jsp (Oxford / Miami University)
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