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Leadership Positions

Current CBA leadership's roles & responsibilities. 

Updated: March 26, 2013

President - Brian Kaeppner - kaeppner@cincinnatibroomball.org

The President's primary responsibility is to ensure that all CBA activities are aligned with long term interest of growing the sport of Broomball in the greater Cincinnati area.  Specific duties include oversight of overall marketing & promotional activities, league operations, financial and legal matters.

Vice President - Scott Kerth - kerth@cincinnatibroomball.org

Provide leadership and align league activities with the overall mission of the CBA.  Is in charge of scheduling games including overall coordination with team captains, placing new players, and/or forming new teams. Be a trusted adviser to the CBA President while conducting league activities in a manner that stays true to the CBA "Brand" of Broomball.  Be a visible Broomball advocate that actively recruits and retains new players & teams for the CBA.

Treasurer - Samantha Ducheny - ducheny@cincinnatibroomball.org

The treasurer is responsible for monitoring the CBA checking/savings accounts, writing checks for specific purposes (ie. equipment purchases, fund-raising start-ups, rink fees), and keeping a detailed balance sheet for the CBA.  The treasurer is also in charge of filing the annual tax returns for the CBA.

Head  Referee - Kyle Hodge - hodge@cincinnatibroomball.org

The Head Referee is in charge of monitoring the actions of CBA's referees and setting standards for rule enforcement.  The Head Referee will keep abreast of Broomball rules set by USAb and other officiating bodies. This individual will also lead the recruitment and development of referees, facilitate group discussions with team captains, and assist in after-action review as needed.

Equipment Manager - Greg Bratfish - bratfish@cincinnatibroomball.org

The Equipment Manager is in charge of ensuring CBA equipment is ready for action.  This includes keeping a detailed inventory (# of balls, sticks, shoes, jerseys, etc), repairing existing equipment, and outlining items that need purchased / replaced.  This manager will also be in charge of proposing the best methods of obtaining new / used equipment, such as organizing "group purchases" for the CBA and or it's players.

Special Event Coordinator(s) - OPEN

The Special Event Coordinator is in charge of organizing specific events.  These may include fundraisers with the aim of delivering net proceeds to the general CBA fund.  These individuals will be responsible for managing all coordination, logistics, and finances for the specific event. This position can be held by multiple people at once.