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The CBA plays year-round, so check the homepage calendar for upcoming events. All leagues are non-checking and aimed at adults, ages 18 and up. Interested players under the age of 18 must contact us before playing.

Please check out our new IMLeagues site!  


All CBA Games are played at Sports Plus

Sports Plus (map) - website
10765 Reading Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241


1) Blender (co-ed)
Players register individually (or in pairs), then formed into evenly-matched teams.

2) Beginner (co-ed)
For players new to the sport of broomball. 

3) Mixed (co-ed)
For teams with a co-ed roster that has an average of “some” broomball experience.

4) Experienced (co-ed)
For teams with a co-ed roster that has "significant" experience.

5) Unrestricted
Highest level of play in the CBA. Typically all-male rosters, but not by rule. 

6) Women's
Depending on level of interest, the CBA may offer a womens-only league.
Please contact us if you're interested.


1) Winter League
January to April (10-13 weeks) - All levels of play offered.

2) Summer League
June to September (10-13 weeks) - Fantasy style.

3) Fall League
September to December (10-13 weeks) - All levels offered.

People interested in playing broomball should contact the CBA.

Dayton residents should also visit www.DaytonBroomball.org
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