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2009.Q4 Blender

This co-ed league is for players of all experience levels, including no experience at all.  Players may only sign up either individually or in pairs, so it's a great way to meet others.  Also, this is the perfect opportunity to get that one friend (you know who we mean!) to try broomball, as there are only 4 games, the per-game price is discounted, and they'll get to play on your team!
There will be 4 games over 3 weekends (12/6/09, 12/13/09 and 12/20/09), so each team will have a double-header.  The price is only $30 per person (so that's $60 for a pair who signs up together, in case you don't have a calculator handy).  Games will start between approximately 5 PM & 8 PM at the Cincinnati Gardens Annex.
Please bring your check (payable to "CBA") to the rink on 11/8/09 or 11/15/09 and give it to Kevin Wilhelm, Nick Bryant, or Brian Kaeppner.  Or mail your check (payable to "CBA") to:
Nick / CBA Treasurer
1957 Sylved Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45238
DEADLINE: Checks must be RECEIVED no later than 11/30/09, meaning get them in the mail by 11/24/09 to ensure Nick has them in time.  YOU WILL HAVE AT LEAST ONE GAME ON 12/06/09, so please don't be alarmed if the schedule does not come out until 12/05/06.  We will need time between 11/30 and 12/5 to assemble rosters and create a schedule.

Note: Rosters will be assembled as equally as possible by a committee of experienced players, who will then be assigned randomly to those rosters, meaning they won’t know which team they’ll be on until after they agree the rosters are fair.  (Experienced players, please contact Kevin if you’re interested in being a committee member, a.k.a. a captain.)